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The construction project of the sea road corniche, Al-Andalus district

Completed Achievement Company.. Projects in the process of being implemented.. The project continues to implement the sea corniche in Al-Andalus district, and the completion rate has reached 90%. The project covers entertainment aspects, sports aspects, and service aspects, all within an aesthetic template. Non-slip marble along the sea track. The project also contains marble seating overlooking a boat harbor and 3 service kiosks distributed along the sea track, in addition to a circular restaurant with an almost complete sea view with a total area of about 1100 square meters.. • As for the second section (the sports part It includes the implementation of a fully fenced beach soccer field with appropriate night lighting, in addition to a rubber track for practicing walking with a length of more than 900 meters and a width of 2.8 square meters. The building includes a storage for boats, a hall for lessons, a meeting room, in addition to a restaurant and bathrooms for the club. Among the external works of the project is the implementation of a night lighting system and a system for irrigating gardens and trees distributed over the entire project, where there are more than 20 olive trees in the eastern part of the project and more than 15 palm trees in the western part of it. The start of work on the project work was at the beginning of mid-March of the year 2023, and the completion rate reached 90% until mid-June of the same year.

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