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Design and implementation of (10) study Lecture halls completed for the faculties of the University of Benghazi faculties

Implementation of ten (10) auditoriums of different sizes, according to the highest degree of modern standards and specifications, so that it would be a suitable place to accommodate large numbers of students wishing to study at the university, with a total capacity of 3,100 male and female students per hour through: First, there are 4 amphitheaters with a capacity of 400 students. Secondly, there are 6 auditoriums with a capacity of 250 male and female students. All of these auditoriums are equipped with the latest electronic systems according to modern technical specifications..with all the needs and office equipment, display screens and offices for faculty members.., The terraces were also provided with toilets for both sexes, as well as for people with special needs. The percentage of completion for this project has exceeded the stage of laying the foundations, bases and supporting walls, and the installation of metal works for a number of terraces has actually been completed, and work is underway on laying the foundations for the external works of green spaces, pedestrian paths, car parks and service places for students.. All these data, after the completion of the project, will contribute to resolving the difficulties to accommodate the large numbers of science students at the university.

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