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AL-KHOMS Teaching Hospital

Within the framework of the efforts and endeavors of the Libyan National Unity Government to complete the stalled projects in the city of Al-Khums, and commissioned by the Authority for the Development and Development of Administrative Centers of the Arts Contracting and Construction Company, during this period, the implementation of the maintenance and development project of Al-Khums Teaching Hospital continues in full swing, as the hospital is located in a vital and strategic place for the city in terms of The speed of access and covers a very large area from the Kaam area in the east to the Qasr al-Akhyar area in the west, all the way to the borders of the city of Msallata in the south The hospital building consists of a ground floor and three floors with a roofed area of about twenty-seven thousand square meters. The current phase aims to carry out maintenance and development works for the hospital according to the field of work represented in civil works, sanitary works, plumbing, sewage system, fire extinguishing system, electrical works, air conditioning and ventilation system, and gas system. medical elevators During this stage, the implementation works are proceeding according to the time plan that was previously prepared according to the latest technical specifications Here it should be noted that the hospital, after the completion of its implementation and the provision of services to citizens for a large geographical area, in addition to that, it is located near the medical colleges of the University of Observatory, which provides the opportunity to practice the practical side for the university’s internship students, as the distance does not exceed one hundred meters between the colleges and the hospital building

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