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A project to implement, design, maintain, transform, and equip the Attorney General's office building in Tripoli

Building maintenance, development and equipment project Headquarters of the Office of the Attorney General A work story.. of a success path.. highlighting excellence One of the most important strategic projects in which the company had a pioneering and pivotal role is the implementation of the project of designing, maintaining, transforming and equipping the building of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Tripoli, in partnership with Arts Construction Company. and its privacy This building, which is located in the city center, is considered a landmark of the Libyan capital, Tripoli. Glass with a glass ceiling containing two panoramic glass elevators, which gave a lot of lighting inside the building and at the same time added an aesthetic touch to the level of the external facade The building has no less than 100 offices of different sizes and models to accommodate the nature and tasks of the Office of the Attorney General and its affiliates, in addition to providing a suitable climate and a typical work environment that is characterized by keeping pace with development and modernization. Work, a hall for press conferences, five elevators, a library, a chapel, and two restrooms to provide hospitality services, one of which is between the two towers, in the middle of which is a glass water fountain, and the other is reserved for VIP visitors on the upper floor. The building also has a public entrance and two private entrances, in addition to installing surveillance cameras inside and outside the building. And security and safety systems (fire alarms), an emergency exit on each floor, and a car park with a water fountain in the middle, in addition to a water waterfall opposite the main entrance. It should be noted here that the task of the project focused on the implementation of maintenance and development works at the level of architectural finishes, concrete treatments, structural supports, cladding of internal walls, cladding of building facades with GRC facades, and glass facades, and all of these works were done using the highest quality standards in the materials used, and the best skills at the level Manpower through specialized local and foreign technical teams, as well as the work of supplying, equipping and furnishing with the finest classic designs and using the finest types of fixtures of European origin without prejudice to the functional aspect and movement of the building, taking into account safety and privacy standards and the good use of internal and external spaces, to be consistent with the surroundings Including linking it functionally and architecturally with the Criminal Research Center building, which is being constructed during this period. It is expected, after the completion of the handover of this building, that it will have a pivotal and effective role in facilitating the functions of the Attorney General’s Office, including consolidating the concept of prompt justice, providing the logistical and in-kind capabilities necessary for the smooth functioning of work, expanding the coordination of tasks related to strengthening the capabilities of members of the Public Prosecution, and creating an environment Work that included dealing and cooperating with local and international law enforcement counterparts in connection with criminal and judicial prosecution. Office of the Attorney General... A work march to guarantee rights.. and defend public money

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