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A project to implement, design, maintain, transform, and equip the Attorney General's office building in Tripoli

The mission of the project is focused on carrying out maintenance, development, and equipping works, in addition to architectural finishing works with the highest quality in the materials used, and the best skills at the level of manpower through local and foreign specialized technical teams, using the best types of fixtures of European origin. The facades of the building will also be clad with GRC facades and glass facades. The interior walls, furnishing, and furnishing works will be covered with the finest classic designs without prejudice to the functional aspect and the movement of the building, taking into account safety and privacy measures and making good use of the internal and external spaces, to be consistent with the public environment, including linking it functionally and architecturally with the ongoing Criminal Research Center building. created during this period. After completing the implementation of this project, it is expected that it will have a pivotal and effective role in facilitating the functions of the Attorney General’s Office, including consolidating the concept of prompt justice, providing the necessary logistical capabilities for the smooth functioning of work, expanding the coordination of tasks related to strengthening the capabilities of members of the Public Prosecution office, and creating a work environment Ensure dealing and cooperation with local and international law enforcement counterparts in connection with criminal and judicial prosecution

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