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Bani Walid General Hospital maintenance and development project

Bani Walid General Hospital maintenance and development project is one of the projects that the Libyan government is most interested in by assigning the Complete Achievement Company to implement it during this stage according to the latest (international) standards because of its importance to the city of Bani Walid and its environs. The hospital is located in the city center on an area estimated at 40 thousand square meters.. The area of target area is estimated at twenty thousand and eight hundred square meters.. It contains thirteen health and service units, including outpatient clinics, radiology departments, laboratories, intensive care, gynecology and maternity departments, and shelters.. in addition to green areas and a parking station. It is noteworthy that the importance of this project, after the completion of its implementation and the completion of all maintenance and development work, will contribute significantly to the provision of medical services to all residents of Bani Walid and all its neighboring areas.

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