Quality and Control

Quality, Control and Information System Management

Elengaz Al Tam, in its very beginning, had been applying many information systems in accounting, human resources, utilities, maintenance management, fixed assets management, stations performance system, stock and procurement management, and transportation.

The programming of these systems is done by highly qualified personnel who always look for the better future of our company and to achieve the purposes of such systems in favor of Elengaz Al Tam while coping with the most advanced techniques in this field.

Business Development Unit

A business development unit was established to analyze business types and to create the helpful programs  to adopt after being operation compatibility checked according to the following regulations:

  1. Connect all departments and sites as the data been automatically exchanged.

  2. Provide efficient protection systems in the system

  3. Easy data storage and automatic retrieve

  4. High flexibility of the system reports whether in form or in content

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