Our Vision & Objectives

Our Vision

Elengaz Al Tam Co. always strives to get a leading position in the field of contracting and construction at the local and international levels in order to deliver its services to the clients directly by its technical and human resources, and the assistant technical equipment by establishing partnership relations with leading construction companies in Libya and abroad. Among the objectives of Elengaz Al Tam is to increase its market share, to diverse its activities, and to develop its partnerships and strategic coalitions with the global companies to enhance its technical and operational abilities.

Our Message

To provide technical services according to the client request by our capable employees and engineers as per the international standards while considering maintaining the heritage and the environment along with the ethics. We always abide to honesty and competency to be leaders in our sector while meeting the quality, time and cost conditions of our clients. We always maintain a safe and healthy work environment through invention and creativity.

Our Objectives

We aim to be the biggest company in the contracting sector at the local and regional levels, to the perfection of our services, and to make Elengaz Al Tam as a mark of quality and excellent services.

Work Strategy

The management of Elengaz Al Tam had set a work strategy of a growing development to utilize from the available opportunities in the Libyan market and from the company’s strength points such as expertise and operational capacity.  Elengaz Al Tam Co. with:

  • Its capable technical and administrative national and foreign staffs of high experience and skills in the technical, administrative and technological fields.
  • Supported by huge financial assets and advanced applications and techniques.

has reached a distinguished operational level confirmed by the increased contracted projects of large size.

These projects include, for example and not limited to, electrical plants. Our company erected many electrical plants. This type of projects needs advanced technical specifications which require highly skilled technical and scientific expertise and to first class work team. Our success in such projects will open opportunities to execute another plants by cooperating and working with first class European companies which we gain their trust day after day.

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